Yuyavan Robles – How Do I reach these communities?

What do you get when you put an out-of-state individual and task them with reaching the Latino/community. You get me showing up to a luncheon and connecting with different Hispanic community business leaders who want to help promote in any way they can. This has been a great opportunity to experience firsthand what needs to be done in order to reach out to a new community. It takes meet & greet’s, follow-up thank you emails, and willing to wait for responses however long they take.

LHIP Intern Yuyavan with two hispanic council members.

How did I come across this event you may be asking yourself, well a quick internet search lead me to a link of events primarily Latino/Hispanic based. A quick read-through of the description ” The Hispanic Business Council Luncheon” caught my attention for their event mission statement. It read ” Connect and elevate your business through networking and fellowship with Hispanic-owned and small businesses in the region working together for greater prosperity in our community”. It brings me to realize the drive I have to work on connecting with communities that do not get a lot of outreach and hopefully introduce them to a new field.

Intern Yuyavan Robles

The Latino Heritage Internship Program is something I am thankful for, the numerous opportunities to venture out and attempt to practice skills which will benefit me in the long run is something I am blessed to have. In the previous webinar, we were given a great guest speaker that touched on the topic of networking. It was ironic that in a few days all the tips he gave were what I used due to it being my first business luncheon I attended. I was also lucky to have my mentor Astrid Garcia accompany me and help me as we both networked throughout the event. Besides the luncheon, it was been a busy time at my national monument and I can’t wait for more memories to be made.

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