Youth Summit With NPS: Roll in the past with San Antonio Missions

It was such an amazing week but also the week prior to get everything organized and planned. This year marks 2 years that the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Services has partnered with hosting Youth Summit. There were about 80 student participants ranging from 5th- 8th grade. The purpose of youth summit is to engage and involve youth in national parks. Youths lack voices when it comes to protecting and preserving our parks and this was in opportunity for them not only to bring awareness but youth participant and involvement. As the sun was bright and hot these students were able to stick with it and visiting the missions. They participated in activities around the missions and were able to meet past descendants from the Spanish and Natives. All were fascinated about the stories from the descendants because those stories are rich history but most importantly OUR history. Once the week was over the students had the opportunity to present their research on not only what they learned but ideas to bring awareness and preservation to National Parks. One idea that a student presented to the panel was doing a similar challenge to the ice bucket but instead of ice you roll in the dirt with the hash tag #RollInThePast nominating other friends to go visit a National Park and doing the same or donate to the National Park Service Foundation. It really awakened me that youth have a strong and powerful voice to make a difference!

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