Yahel Delgado-Diaz

I would like to become a teacher, a coach and a mentor for kids like me. Show them the opportunities that I came to experience, sometimes late. I’m also planning on studying long-term with the goal of a Ph.D. in sports management. The reason behind all my efforts is my never-ending passion for education and hopes of creating a generation full of capable people with the potential to become athletes and to guide them to a better future. I believe we should all have the same opportunities to succeed and become what we want in life. I come from a long line of educators, and this is a calling for me. My goal is to be an inspiring educator in any environment, and I think experiences like this internship do that – prepare students, aspiring professionals, with the skill set needed to achieve that. I have never worked in an internship before, and I think this is a great moment for me to start. Puerto Rico’s educational system does not encourage other methods of work but is a maintain and settle type of mentality. I aspire to change that.

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