Woman sitting in front of "Point Reyes National Seashore" sign and the "National Park Service" arrowhead logo.

Wrapping Up my Summer Adventures- Alícia Kelley

When I first arrived at Point Reyes National Seashore, I knew there were a lot of unknowns and exciting adventures ahead. Coming from San Diego, I was very unfamiliar with the area up in Northern California. As I am nearing the end of my internship, I can proudly say that I am familiar with all the little towns and cities near the park!

Woman is posing in front of an old boat that says "Point Reyes" on the side.
The “Shipwreck”

I am very grateful for this unique experience, and for all that I have learned this summer. I can now identify poison oak and stinging nettle, and I learned that poison ivy is only present on the East Coast. I went outside of my comfort zone when writing social media posts and planning an event in Spanish. I am happy to see the personal growth that resulted from this! I live a very different lifestyle at the park compared to back home. I am living in a remote area, with lots of wildlife and calm days. Back home, I lived right in the middle of a city, with constant loud traffic noise and lots of people around. One aspect of my life back home that I have come to appreciate is how close everything is, and how quickly I can get to places.

View of an estuary in low tide.
View from a Recent HIke on the Estero Trail

I have enjoyed getting to know the park, going tidepooling, hiking, and exploring local restaurants. There are still some trails I have not been on and it is crazy how much there is to explore! I hope to go on some new hikes before I head back to southern California. In addition to exploring the park, I drove out to Oakland and San Francisco on my weekends. Although I had visited San Francisco before, I had never visited Japantown until now. I ate the best vegan ramen there! I will soon be stopping by Berkeley, so I should have a general idea of the Bay Area by then. I hope to return to the Bay Area for work or for grad school in the future.

Side profile of a sandwich with chips on a plate. There is another plate visible in the background.
Exploring a Local Restaurant with a Friend

As I wrap up my time at Point Reyes National Seashore, I know I will have many memories and pictures to remember this summer by! This has been the best summer I have had in years! I hope to visit the park again, perhaps during the winter season.

Until next time Point Reyes! ¡Hasta luego!

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