Wrapping It Up: But Goodbyes Have Been Postponed!

As I began to prepare for the Colorado conference and wrap up my internship, I got some exciting news…Shenandoah National Park wanted to extend my internship until September 3rd! I accepted, of course, and after the conference I will transfer into being an intern for the Shenandoah Trust Fund. Since almost all the other interns are leaving, I will continue to present programs and work at the desk. I can’t wait to see the leaves change colors and observe the new animals and plants that start to appear in the fall.

Though I’m happy to have my season extended, I’m sad to see the other interns go, as I’ve made a lot of good friends here who are all passionate about the National Park System. I hope in the future we all end up in parks working as interpretive rangers, biological technicians, and as other park staff!

I’ve gotten to learn a lot here at Shenandoah, and right now I’m continuing to work on polishing my federal resume to apply for jobs this winter and next summer. Eventually, I would love to become a seasonal interpretive employee:)



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