Working with the Interpretation + Education Team at Olmsted NHS! – Brian Mecinas

As the internship here at Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site comes to a close, I can look back and find that I’ve had countless enjoyable experiences during my time. By far, my favorite was the work environment itself and the opportunity to work with a wonderful Interpretation and Education team, full of people passionate about sharing the Olmsted legacy and willing to assist each other wherever needed on projects and other activities that people are pursuing. Two of the video projects that I was tasked with creating, “Olmsted and the National Park Service” and “Women Behind the Scenes of the Olmsted Firm”, were collaborative and largely depended on teamwork between other rangers at my site and myself. For these two videos, other members of the team had already put thought into the content they wanted shared and the message they were hoping to send, which left the responsibility of bringing these stories to life in a way that best visually represents the vision of the rangers I worked with. 

Throughout the editing process, I was able to screen various drafts and versions of these two videos for the respective groups of rangers that I was working with to create the videos, which was a valuable experience in improving my editing to match the vision of what they had been picturing for the video. It was a consistent process of editing a version of the video, screening the edits to the group for each respective video, receiving feedback, entering the editing process, and repeat. Towards the end as I completed these two videos, it was incredibly gratifying and fulfilling to see the reactions to the videos and know that I was able, to some extent, to create a product that met the expectations and will continue to exist long after my time at the National Park Service ends.

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