Woolly Mammoths Have Been Found!!!

This week has been especially exciting for me, as I had the opportunity to explore some of the other national wildlife refuges and sites around southern Colorado. It was a day-long event and I went to Fort Garland Museum, Pike’s Stockade, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Punche Valley, and Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge. I went out and explored every site because I am hosting a Junior Archeologist Camp for middle schoolers in July. One site that was of particular interest to me was the Scott Miller site at Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge. It was there that archeologists and geologists have recently found remnants of Woolly Mammoths! I was able to hold ivory from their tusks, a whole intact tooth, and an arm bone! I was even able to lick the bone! Sounds gross, right? Well, actually, one way to tell if you are looking at piece of a bone or a tooth is to lick it! And if it sticks to your tongue, it’s a bone! It was insane to actually be holding pieces of an animal that went extinct 64 MILLION years ago! And, even better, I’ll get the opportunity to take my middle school archaeologist campers out to that site to look for and examine woolly mammoth bones. Talk about the coolest camp ever!  

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