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Hello everyone,
It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted a blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to post some updates about what I’ve been up to this past month

  • Along with finishing the scripts for the 3 videos, I have started the production process and for the most part have gotten all the shots I need. I started the editing process this week and my hope is to have everything edited and finished by my last week of my internship. 


  • I’ve learned that this project is a lot more different than what I’m usually accustomed to doing. The switch from documentary to a more narrative type of video meant I had to learn how to take more dynamic shots and to learn how to direct people as actors. It was a bit intimidating especially when dealing with limited filming time and days. The rangers are busy people and I appreciate them taking time to be in the video, especially since filming does take up more time than you would think!  


  •  For Latino Conservation week we decided to put on an event called Passport to the Past, a scavenger hunt. The goal was that you would have to go through Mission San Jose to find the 3 stations that promoted land, air, and water conservation. Our goal was to talk about how these resources were important to the people who inhabited the missions in the 1700’s and compare it to how we think about those resources today. We also touched on how the missions played a role in the creation of the Tejano people. People who attended the event went home with seed balls, a bag of scents of the mission, and a small pinch pot. During the week we also displayed an interactive map where visitors used pins and strings to show their family migration story. I often found myself going over to the board and looking at all the pins and string just because it was super neat! Overall, I think it was a great success, and it wouldn’t have been without the Latino Conservation team that we had at the Missions. A big thanks to Justine, Chantelle, Andi, Melissa, Callie and Annalisa and to the staff that helped on that day!
    My time here at the missions been a great experience. Today I realized that my summer is going by way too quickly and that in two weeks I’ll be saying goodbye to San Antonio, which is a little bit sad. Either way, I’m excited for the LHIP training in DC and can’t wait to finally meet all the other LHIP interns!
    Until Next Time,
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