Well That Was Fast

Today I showed up to Chaco Museum and Archives facility and realized just how quickly this internship has gone by.  A lot of what I do here is behind the scenes work, but it’s work that helps keep the public informed of how cultural heritage is being taken care of and managed. I am most looking forward to seeing my work come to fruition and being able to present my work during public tours. It’s been exciting because setting up the first public tours has been large portion of my work as an intern at this facility. All of the work leading up to the tours finally materialized last week when the sign-up link for the tour was made public last week.  I didn’t know what kind of response I would get, but I was excited to find out that all three tours were fully booked within two days of the sign-up link being posted! Knowing this has further encouraged the final weeks of my work here because working behind the scenes can make it difficult to perceive public interest. Having the tours fill up so quickly was reassuring that I’m fulfilling what I came here to do, and that people are interested in collections. The first tour is set to happen this Friday, July 14th and I can’t wait to share updates as to how it goes. My hope is that these tours continue to be offered for Chaco Culture NHP and Aztec Ruins NM.

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