Welcome to the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park!

This summer, I am interning at the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park! What makes this National Park unique is that it’s the only National Park that is dedicated to an art form. The moment you step off your flight you are greeted by music and the joyous spirit that is New Orleans. You hear jazz music throughout the airport, as well as see karaoke bars of people singing and having a great time. The streets of New Orleans are even more joyous and musical! Everyday on my commute I get to take the famous streetcar and I see musicians playing all the time. For example, the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park is located right in the French Quarter, so every morning I get to listen to a brass band playing outside of the famous Café Du Monde. To add onto the live music outside on the streets, there is a live musical performance everyday from Tuesday through Saturday at the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park. This week I got to listen to the Arrowhead Jazz Band, which is a group made up of park rangers. Most of the park rangers here are musicians and are fantastic. Another performance I got to see was a Traditional Cuban group, as well as a university combo playing music that was a mix of everything from R&B and gospel to Jazz. The National Park also hosts a program called Ranger Talks, where the park rangers speak on a specific topic related to the City of New Orleans. Some examples included the history of Creole and Cajun people, the history of New Orleans, history of piano styles in New Orleans, as well as many more historical topics.   Another program they host is a drum circle every Saturday morning, where we learn how to play rhythm patterns from West Africa and how these rhythmic patterns have been passed down into jazz and brass band music.

  • Adriana Villanueva Cruz
    Posted at 08:24h, 02 June

    I got to learn about New Orleans when I was a little girl through Disney’s Princess and the Frog. Ever since I’ve fallen in love with the city’s essence and have dreamt about visiting. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  • Alejandra Hernandez
    Posted at 09:56h, 11 July

    Thanks Adriana! And yes I also loved Princess and the Frog and got my first introduction to New Orleans from it!

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