Welcome to Salem!

Have you ever felt like a voyager and had a calling towards the sea? Well, here at Salem Maritime National Historic Site you can fulfill the curiosity of traveling the open ocean. Salem Maritime National Historic site consists of nine acres of land which includes twelve historical sites scattered within downtown Salem and along the harbor. At the Derby Wharf, there is a path you can take that brings you into the harbor where you are then greeted by a tower lighthouse. You smell the salt in the air accompanied by a cold ocean breeze. Each historical site you visit takes you back in time to the 17th century due to the well-preserved items and impeccable replicas. The area itself is mixed with different cultures and decorated with local artwork.  You never know what kind of secrets you will find here. All these sites hold such rich history and I hope one day you get to see them too.

El Punto Art Murals.” Si Se Puede.” Meaning “Yes you can”


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