Welcome! Introduction: Kristian Enbysk

Hello all and welcome to my to first blog post of the summer! My name is Kristian Enbysk and I will be the Archives Intern at Homestead National Monument of America near Beatrice, Nebraska. I am beyond grateful for the extraordinary opportunity to learn, participate, and represent my community. A little about myself – I’m 22 and from Tom Bean, Texas, a small rural town about an hour north of Dallas. I am currently a first-generation student and junior at the University of North Texas studying History with a minor in Mexican American Studies. I have always been interested in history (as the saying goes, “history is made everyday and we are living history”) because I find the field important to understanding ourselves as a species throughout time. More specifically, uncovering and preserving cultures and historical moments we can look back on and learn from.

I was born in the country of Panamá; my mother and father met during his time in the U.S. military service and I came to Texas as an infant. Although I was not raised in Panamá, I was emerged into the culture my whole life thanks to my mother. Growing up, I began to embrace my heritage and learned that differences make you unique!

Fast forward to this opportunity, I came across this program while I was scrolling the internet one day back in my high school days. I made it a goal of mine to be apart of this program in the future because I believe it will be a great resource, but also an unforgettable experience. Especially since I have always been intrigued with the National Park Service and all that they do to preserve our nation’s valuable locations and treasures, naturally and historically. What I am looking forward to this summer is to visit, research, and work in an environment I never been to and meeting new people. Yes, I come from a small town similar to where I will be going, but to get an introduction into my potential career goals makes this experience sweeter. I excited to get to work while having fun doing it and hope you all join me in experiencing this journey through these blog post! Off to Nebraska!

Homestead National Historical Park: Visitor Center across the Prairie
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