Week: número tres

As soon as I was told that I was given the internship here in Florida, my mind started visualizing the perfect project. I thought that it would basically do itself. Who would not want to support an idea such as renewable energy? After my first week, my brain started to think realistically. I was having so much input from different sources but the output was not being reciprocated. I kept talking to people on the phone, emailing people, and researching websites. There was so many people that I was not hearing back from. On top of that, there was so much to do. I was starting to feel that 12 weeks was not enough to complete this project. Now, after week three, my confidence is definitely back. I scheduled an audit with the local energy supplier, and we visited the different properties that are associated with the park. Not only did I have plenty of questions to ask him about increasing efficiency and switching over to a solar energy system, but he asked questions about the park that I was able to answer. I felt like I was part of a larger team and a larger cause. He said he would have to come back and check out the park on his time off. I digress. The best part of our conversation was talking about a solar farm. The featured image in this post is an old horse raising farm. There is also a small barn house, pictured below. Why is this barn house important, you ask? I am more than happy to tell you. Not only is this area, a little more than acre with no tree shading, perfect for a large system, but this barn can not only hold equipment for the solar farm but it could also be an educational building. It could showcase a few solar panels as examples, then provide an image on how solar works and why the park is the perfect place for such technology. Not only does this help complete my project, but it also touches the outreach side. I believe this can be an amazing opportunity to have children start learning about the STEM fields, especially since our program targets minorities. This is only the easy part so far. There are a bunch of codes and regulations and other whatnots that need to be sorted out, but I am confident in what I am doing and the change it can bring. ¡Buena suerte a todos!  

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