Week: número siete

  This week’s post was inspired by Pablo Neruda. More specifically, sonnet 17 – no te amo como si fueras rosa. This week was pretty interesting. I spent most of the week making sure that all my data was correct. I was scheduled to make a PowerPoint presentation of my project so far and present it to my Superintendent, my supervisor, and another worker. I was lucky enough to practice with the other interns from Geoscientists in the Park. They provided constructive criticism, which helped my presentation go smoothly on Thursday. I was a little surprised at the reaction of my audience. I think that people’s words say one thing but their emotions and face say another. It was full of aspiration and encouragement. I am now due to present my project to some of the other rangers in the office because they are also interested. I got this. If you read this and want to hear my presentation, I will be more than happy to present it to you. On Friday, it was nice to take a kayak trip with some of the other interns. There are six of us. Two from Geoscientists in the Park, two from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and one person who is a volunteer. It was a great bonding experience and another way to experience the park.

Now all I want to do is go kayaking. My experience with this internship has shown me different sides of nature that I would never have experienced otherwise. So much to learn, but not enough time.

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