Week: número ocho

Welcome to the National Park Service. We have fun ‘n games. This week was a short week. The office was closed because of Fourth of July. Nonetheless, there was a lot to do. I am currently working on justifying why solar panels would be required to be placed on some of our buildings. There are numerous practical reasons and, just in case that is not enough, I have researched executive orders and presidential mandates that apply to federal buildings. I have also been taking numerous courses on renewable energy through the online Whole Building Design Guide. If anyone is interested in learning a few things about renewable energy, they offer some amazing courses. Most of them are instructed by Andy Walker, who is located near Denver, Colorado. So what does that mean? Hopefully, I can schedule a meeting during our workshop in Denver. It would be pretty neat to meet someone who has become my virtual teacher. This week finished with a few of us interns going to the Museum of Science and History after work on Friday. It was pretty neat to see a few of the exhibits dedicated to some of the national parks that I have already visited. My night was made with all the science stuff as well. I was like a kid at a museum. One day, that saying will overcome the candy one. Promise. Go STEM!

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