Week: número dos

Bienvenido. This week has felt like something out of television. It’s like one of those cartoons where someone is picked up and their feet are still running really fast and as soon as they are put down, they only leave a trail of smoke behind. I have had meetings with an Environmental Management Branch Chief and a wise man who retired and is still doing energy management as a part-time job. How cool is that? I believe it is beyond cool. Both these men had so much insight and many recommendations that I felt a little embarrassed to be there talking to them. They were definitely a bar above me when talking about different conservation efforts. However, both were more than encouraging. I know that these are people that I can build a rapport with. Now, I have been talking to numerous people from solar vendors to the energy company out here. Definitely official.

Cedar Point, Florida

Apart from that, I have continued to explore different parts of the park. What makes Timucuan so special is that it is a large collection of areas. There is so much to explore. There are more than enough trails and monuments to visit. I have also completed a CPR and first aid class. Something so simple yet life saving. Also, I have experienced more rain here in two weeks than I have ever experienced in Las Vegas. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but now I understand what it truly means to rain cats and dogs. The pretty amazing thing is that the same night after it rained, our back door had a few squirrel tree frogs on the window. I am so close to nature. Every day is another scene that takes my breath away.

Tree frog on our backdoor

Hasta la próxima semana :]  

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