Week: número diez

Hello. This is week ten. This week started off on a Sunday. Some of the other interns and myself have volunteered with the North Florida Land Trust to help monitor diamondback terrapin turtles. It was a long six hours looking for nests then figuring out if they were predated, hatched or intact. Before we started, we saw an armadillo and didn’t think much about it. However, after finding numerous predated nests and a bunch of armadillo tracks, we realized we had a problem on our hands. The usual culprit is raccoons. It was neat to play detective and follow the tracks. Then there was the video. Check it out. Cute little turtles that just hatched.

Apart from the normal stuff in the office, fixing data for my project proposal and finding justifications (practical reasons and federal mandates), I was able to help the facilities crew with building a small amphitheater for the huts we built the week before. I was also able to keep helping with drawing schematics for storm windows. It’s a great feeling to be able to participate with different departments. Each department has been  more than welcoming. I was even happy to receive a call and then being asked to come help with something that isn’t related to renewable energy. I will be doing my small Latino Conservation Week event tomorrow at our visitor center. Sin miedo. Good luck to everyone else. It is the homestretch now.

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