Week: número cuatro

Hello. This is week number four. The coordination between so many companies has never been tougher. This week, I mostly spent my time in my office. I was happy to be inside because it kept me away from the heavy rain that we got.

Also, I was able to start crunching numbers on the type of systems that would be able to be implemented in different locations. These graphs showed how much energy would be produced by the system, what the buyback would be, and what the new bill would be. I also spoke to a solar contractor who was passionate about our footprint on the planet. Not only was he helpful with my project but also with how to change my lifestyle. On Saturday, I was able to volunteer at the Visitor Center at Fort Caroline. The theme this Saturday was living history. I dressed up as a Frenchman since they would of been the occupants of the fort at the time. We were set up outside next to the fort where we played numerous games that would of been played back then. My favorite was bocce ball. We also engaged some of the visitors and had them play with us. So far, so good. Until next time.

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