Week #7

The pace this week has been a little slower than usual. I got to experience my first rain day at Sailors Haven. This was probably the quietest I have seen the place. The ferries were running on a rain schedule, so the visitors who came over on the ferry with us were pretty much the only people we were going to see that day. It was a pretty quiet day, so once it seemed like it wasn’t going to rain for a while I went for a walk. I was told that the forest on a rainy day was one of the best times for spotting wildlife since there wasn’t as much noise. I saw a few deer, but I didn’t have much luck finding anything else.

During the weekend, we went over to the Patchogue Medford library for a reading program and fish printing. The children really seemed to like the hands-on craft, and all of the prints came out great. It was nice to see a reading program with a craft related to the book, because I will be doing a similar program myself. It is a bilingual reading of the book “All the way to the Ocean” by Joel Harper. We have copies of the book in English and Spanish. The following days were mostly spent at the office so they were pretty quiet. I briefly spent some time at the lighthouse on Sunday. I walked around and attempted to get to know the area better. I’m currently trying to learn as much as I can about the lighthouse, because I will be giving tours in Spanish there on July 29th for a Special Family Night. I have been told that the lighthouse gets a lot of Latino visitors, and that the park would like to be able to provide services in Spanish for them. I’m excited that I can play a role in making that happen.

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