Week 6 at Grand Canyon

It has been a busy week. Everyone in Veg. YCC has been working hard on the Grand Canyon high school project. We are officially done with weeding out exotics in the vicinity and have started digging holes and planting natives. The garden is coming along pretty nicely. We would have finished by now, however an epic thunderstorm rushed us away from our project. While the crew members were working on restoration projects at the Albright Training Center with the vegetation staff, my colleague and I were preparing for our rim to rim trip next week. We have gathered the necessary supplies that YCC will use for the five-day trip. We have also made a meal plan list and shopped in the local market. The total price (with the discount) came out to $624.87. It was a ridiculous amount of food and the receipt was the longest I had ever seen, but it will be necessary for a group of nine hungry teenagers and three adults. Later today (July 13), we will be attending an event in the Museum Collections regarding plant and trace fossils. Tomorrow, our group will be going over to the Vermilion Cliffs to attend the Peregrine Fund’s annual spring event where they release California Condors into the wild. Seven condors will be released into the wild, which will be a wonderful experience to witness. There are currently about 300 California Condors. There used to be 22, so it was a pretty close call for them.

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