Week 4

Hello everyone, This was my fourth week at the Grand Canyon with the YCC Veg Crew. We currently are on our way to finishing up our project at Grand Canyon High School. So far, we have been weeding invasive plants, collecting mulch to spread over the polygons, and figuring out the designs for each polygon for vegetation (what native plants we’ll be using, gravel for the drainage systems, terraces, raised bedding, and various rocks for polygon borders). The kids have been doing a great job so far and have been eager to finish up the project. We have also gotten plenty of gardening at the Nursery done this past week, similar to our project at the school. Earlier today, we had photography day. YCC engaged in taking photos of various sites around the park to try and get a different perspective. For example, a close-up view of a spider web to get a bug’s point of view on things. We also hiked the South Kaibab Trail on the way to Desert View. There, YCC took many photos of the vicinity to upload it onto Instagram, to potentially have their photo in a competition where tens of thousands of people will have the opportunity to view it. It’s a great opportunity if they want to become a photographer in the future. Lastly, I met up with the park’s physical scientist, Ed Schenk, to discuss a potential time when YCC can actively participate in a research lab assignment in the canyon, like a dye-tracer test in the groundwater at Roaring Springs. Overall, this week has been quite productive and fun, and so will the weeks to come! Sebastian

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