Week 3: Systems and Storage

This is the first week that I have had access to the DOI computer system. I finally had my background check cleared and my PIV card issued. I now have my own NPS email (cory_rosas@partner.nps.gov) and have been much more productive being able to use the Bison CONNECT services. This week has consisted of a lot of odd jobs around the office. Since our supervisors were both out of the office on business trips and personal leave, I was given a list of assignments to attempt to complete before they returned. I researched the Historical Weapons Program that is used throughout the IMR. I learned that there is a 2 week training required that involves safely handling and firing black powder weapons. Some parks that provide interpretive demonstrations of weapons in this region are Fort Union (FOUN) and Fort Laramie (FOLA).


“Canyon Country” 1980s park service poster found in Building 94.

I had fun going on a trip to the IMRO storage building, building 94. I had visited the storage facility to drop off a box of NPS frisbees that had been used for outreach events at Denver’s Go Day. While there I was able to see the amount of office supplies and furniture that the IMRO has at its disposal. The other interns and I picked out a few posters that we discovered in the storage unit to decorate the office and cubicles with. We brought back two large posters. One entitled “The Desert” depicts a desert environment with labels of Joshua Tree National Monument (now a national park; CA), Death Valley National Monument (now a national park; CA), Saguaro National Monument (now a national park; CA), Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (AZ) and Big Bend National Park (TX). The 1980s posters reflect how the park system has changed over the years while providing an artist’s rendition of what those environments looked like. IMG_4713 I was also able to set up my travel plans for next week, when I will be driving to Gallup, New Mexico to experience the closing ceremonies of the Ancestral Lands conservation corps’ program. On Thursday, there was a sever storm warning in Denver. After work on Thursday I saw some of the biggest chunks of hail (above) that I’ve ever seen. There was also thunder and lightning that lit up the sky and flashed in the windows of my room. Getting to experience weather that I would not otherwise see in California has been one of the more interesting aspects of living in Denver. Overall, this was a very productive week at the office.

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