Week #1

Well, I made it! After a long and desolate drive, the large Grand Canyon signs began to appear on the side of the road. With each mile my excitement increased. There were pullouts and overlooks every half mile. Thank goodness I resisted from pulling out at every single one because I could have spent all day there. After a confusing and cell-serviceless journey to my cabin, I met my roommates and explored the bus system to watch the sunset over the rim.   An early first morning led to a long first day of training. There were introductions, paperwork, tours, and lots of preparatory lectures. The rest of my first week was full of similar activities, with some puzzles and food prep included. I am exhausted from early mornings and desert heat, but with each day of training I get more ready to jump into this new position. For now, though, I am ready and grateful for my first (and probably only) weekend. I plan on hiking and then staying out of the sun as much as possible. I knew there would be blazing heat and piercing sunshine, but nothing could have prepared me for the intensity of it. Since I am in the middle of nowhere with little cell service and wifi signal, I wasn’t able to put pictures on this post; as I figure the best connection in the park I will post many. But until then, I must go find the best lookout to watch yet another beautiful sunset in Arizona.

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