Week 1…CHECK!

Training…Training…Training. Oh, and did I mention training? This first week has been a blur…between learning the curriculum and the National Park Service (NPS) rules, this week has flown by! What pushed me through was knowing I was one step closer to working with the kids for the summer.

My position this summer is running a Geology/Paleontology Summer Camp geared for children going into 4th – 6th grade. The camp was planned and demoed by a Mosaics intern last year, and this year I, along with another intern, will be running the camp. Some of the activities have been modified, but I am excited to start my first week with the future scientist!

As part of my training I have been getting to know the town better, along with other neighboring towns and, with this elevation, it has not been easy. Digging up fossils at a high elevation in the sun is not easy, but the outcome is worth it! I still can’t wrap my head around the fact there used to be redwood trees here in Colorado. In the picture there’s a fossilized redwood leaf (Seqouia affinis)Fagopsis, and a piece of a cattail.

Soon I’ll be working with kids in camp, and after my first week I will make sure to write all about it! Thank you for reading ?

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