Volcanoes and more volcanoes

I have finally arrived to Lassen Volcanic National Park. It has been a busy two weeks of learning the park, getting to know everyone and learning about the variety of projects that are happening this summer. I have been lucky to have amazing mentors that have vast knowledge of the park and its wildlife. Lassen is very unique in its geography and I am always learning something new about its volcanic history and future history as well. Sadly, things have been a bit slow to start since we did get record snow this winter and a lot of the trails and roads are still closed. We are hoping to get things up and running in the next couple of weeks and I’m excited to be able to explore the park in its entirety. One of the projects I am looking forward to get started this summer is Latino Conservation Week, which is a week in which Latino heritage is celebrated in parks and their roles in conservation are emphasized. I am planning on doing bilingual guided hikes, giving educational talks, and having visuals for the visitors that showcase the work that Latinos have done for our natural spaces. I am also working on a Volcano Camp project in which schools camp at the park and learn about Lassen’s fauna and flora. There is a large emphasis in fire education as well since we got hit with the Dixie fire in 2021 that burned about 60,000 acres in the park, and it is something that visitors are always interested in when they visit. These two projects work to help engage the public in the outdoors and help them gain an appreciation with nature. I have only just started working here, but I know that it is going to be an amazing summer and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with everyone and encouraging people to get outdoors. 

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