Virtual Conference

This week was the LHIP virtual conference. Sitting for hours on hours on end was not easy, but the topics in discussion and guest speakers made it all the easier. This conference had different feelings and emotions associated with it, and I am glad I was able to experience this opportunity.

Listening to all of the LHIP interns presentations and experiences was very eye opening. Their different projects were important to their park in ways that I had not considered. The ideas that these intelligent interns had created for the Latino Conservation Week were breathtaking. On top of listening to their presentations, I was also able to connect with them over zoom discussions and WhatsApp messaging. I really wish I would have connected with them sooner; even though we never met face to face, it is comforting to know people with the same mindset.

The guest speakers we had like –Carolyn Finney and Franklin Cruz—were so insightful and encouraging in a time of uncertainty. These conversations allowed me to dive deeper into myself and think about ways that I can impact my community directly. Overall the conference was empowering to myself and gave me hope in my future.

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