Various voyages across Valley Forge

I’ve never seen so much green in my life. Everyday is a new experience and I can’t help but feel that every day is my favorite day. When I look out my window, I see various species of birds I’ve never heard of, and the sun shines differently while I come across many of the park’s habitat management zones. In my few days at my site, I’ve experienced mechanical, chemical, manual, and biological forms of pest management, something I’ve only seen on paper. It’s an experience to partake and see these applications first handed, and I feel so encouraged to explore my own curiosity. I’m happy to say my supervisors are vastly knowledgeable, and miraculously, they are able to answer all of my questions. I love to not only experience historical and cultural aspects of Valley Forge National Historic Park, but interning in Natural Resource Management allows me to understand how integrated the federal and national resources are to maintain such a diverse environment. My horizons have broadened in just a few days, but it’s even more so exciting to know that it’s only the beginning.  
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