Uprooting From My Large Town to a Small Town


My name is Kevin Jauregui, and I am interning at Florissant Fossil Bed National Monument through the Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP). I am extremely excited to start! I have not stop talking about it since I received the wonderful news.

I was born in the sunny, beach town of Santa Monica, CA and was raised predominately in West Los Angeles, CA. Living in a large town my whole life, I am really excited to transition to a small town. At first, I was terrified to find out the population of Florissant is about 100 people, I’m pretty sure there are more than 100 residents on my block alone back in West LA. Then I found housing in a slightly larger town a hop, skip away in Woodland Park, where the population is larger, but still not like my hometown of LA.

What has made this first part of my adventure exciting is the drive from LA to Woodland Park. It is approximately 16 hours of driving, and I couldn’t have done it without my family. To make the drive as exciting as possible, we stopped in many tourist traps, ate too much good food, and my favorite, admired the mountain ranges that surround the highways.

The part that made the trip the most exciting was definitely the scenery. Driving through rolling hills of green grass and tall, green trees. Then cutting through road cuts, exposing beautiful and complex geology, I couldn’t help to not take pictures. Experiencing different types of weather, going from sunshine, to rain in a matter of minutes is something I will need to adjust to.

Thanks for reading!

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