Unsuspecting Landscapes of Lake Mead- Welcome to the Desert Valley

The sun had just settled below the tops of the mountains, behind Red Rocks, as I drove down into the valley where the glittering lights of the Las Vegas strip have nestled. The sky was turning through shades of pink, orange, and purple that in a color symphony that I could have never imagined.

That first sunset was pure magic…and I gotta admit, every night… it still is.

Such beauty in the sprawling and majestic landscape, never did I expect for the desert to permeate my every cell and carry all of the life giving water in my body away in its 110-degree winds. The first week was BRUTAL heat! My head hurt, my face hurt, my lungs hurt, and my body felt like crumpling into a pile of skin & bones where I stood.

It took this Miami girl a moment for my body to adjust to the conditions here in the higher desert lands. I’m still getting used to all of it. (Drinking lots of water!)

The desert is an unlikely landscape. In a landscape so burnt and rocky, LIFE flourishes.

Lake Mead is at the crux of 3 deserts!

As we approach the monsoon season, now in July, I’m excited to witness the transformation that this landscape will undergo, and reflect on what the desert has to show me.

Check out the v-log for a quick run down of my first two weeks at Lake Mead as an LHIP Intern!


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