Unearth the treasures of the Daniel Bread Center

This is on our way to the Daniel Beard Research Center. Dylann, the team lead, Alec Greening Youth intern, Laura a Teacher Ranger Teacher, and also with Jessica from Fish and Feathers.

This was a day that was packed with fascinating revelations and fascinating information. Regarding the HID (Hole in the Donut) Project, each of us had a conversation in the morning with Johnathan Taylor. The project is under his direction and management. Since I am already more familiar with the project than the other interns, he taught HID’s history to the other interns. Following that conversation, the five of us divided up and went on a covert tour of the museum session housed within the Research Center. I was really aback by the fact that it even housed a museum, which only the inky staff were permitted to visit. The museum had rooms with climate control and doors that could be opened. They have accumulated a great number of items and collections ever since the park was first brought to public attention. There are a few photographs that we were successful in capturing, but there were also other items that we are required to keep hidden.

These are some of the coral specimens that were found and studied in the 70s or earlier. 

This is our tour guide, Michael Lorusso, a Museum Specialist; the Center houses artifacts from all five Florida memorials and national parks.

The Center also houses artifacts from the Nike Mission Site, which is located on the same road as the center and the building where I’m primarily based, the Roberson building, which I share with the park fire department and the Education team.

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