Two Weeks In Already?!


Great Falls

Well after two full weeks of my internship with the team at Great Falls, MD on the C&O Canal I can gladly say that my time has been well spent! These two weeks have flown by but I have already done so much! I haveĀ had the chance to get to know the history, stories, and natural environment of the C&O Canal; begun to explore the beauty of the Great Falls; and have even learned how to operate the Charles F. Mercer (a replica of the old mule-drawn boats). As I said before, although I am local to the area, prior to this internship I did not know much about the history and environment of Great Falls. Therefore, these experiences have made my internship worthwhile, kept things exciting, and has allowed me to be able to better understand the local environment.    


One of my most memorable moments thus far has been walking down the tow path one morning and enjoying the earth. The stillness and serenity allowed me to be present in the moment; taking in all the sounds, smells, and sights of the surrounding nature. I saw a mother duck leading her two ducklings back into the water, a turtle sitting on a fallen tree branch taking in the morning sun, and the sound of the rushing water running across the huge boulders that line the Falls. This experience brought about emotions of happiness, tranquility, and awareness… something I hope that I will be able to pass along to others who come to visit during the rest of my time at Great Falls.      

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