Hello guys! I am now on my second week of training, and it’s been great! Currently I am working at the Visitor Services until later in June when I get to start planning my own educational outreach programs. Visitor Services is actually a blast because you get to meet so many new people and talk with individuals from around the world. The kids are definitely the best part of my job so far. They love doing the Junior Ranger programs/night skies programs and get so excited when you give them their “official” park badges. I actually had one kid ask me if there were any coral reefs here in the park because we have so many lakes. It was probably the best question I’ve received since being here. In these later weeks I will start planning for my air, water, and night skies conservation program with kids ages 10-15! This will be my first time ever preparing and giving a program, so I am a little nervous but excited to see what they learn! Can’t wait to tell y’all all about it in the following weeks!

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