Training, Training, Training

This week has been all about training with the Interpretation & Resource Education Department with the Grand Canyon National Park NPS staff along with many, many other interns. Many of them from the Greening Youth Foundation who attendĀ various HBCU campuses. Trainings have included from how to successfully interpret, getting around the Village, familiarizing ourselves with the facilities and historic buildings throughout the park, and learning about the abundant programs, trails, backcountry permits, rules, locations, and shuttle locations. These two week have been an information overload and I’m not sure if I can retain everything! However, everything I have learned and gained from experience in my near 4 years working at Albuquerque Public Schools easily translates to Park Service terms.


Myself with Ranger Amala and Ranger Jocelyn with the YCC interns

The heat wave is over, but it is still hot. 7000 feet sunlight can really scotch someone. I have learned that sunscreen is my best friend so far. I can’t wait for Monday to get here to actually dive into work and begin my supervisory duties with the YCC (Youth Conservation Corps) high school interns. I have met most of the Grand Canyon School interns and it has been an absolute pleasure. I’m very excited!

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