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I finally got to work with a group of kids! I usually tag-team with another intern, but there is a bug going around the Fossil Beds (and it’s not the palaeovespa!). This week I had the opportunity to work with 17 upper elementary school students from the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area and they were a blast! I have never worked with such a bright group of kids. They were all very passionate about the sciences and were eager to learn!

The students are working hard each day, using their critical thinking skills and transcribing information into their journals. Each day the students do 4-5 activities with us that are all hands-on learning, using all the techniques for each student to learn and understand the material. Of course, we do play games with them, lead them on nature hikes, and let them be kids.

Along with learning about different rock formations, earth processes, and other fun facts about Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, we are teaching them effective communication. By the end of the week, all the students know how to work together and have the confidence to speak up and share their answers with the group.

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