This Week’s Highlights

This week’s highlight of my HAF internship at Biscayne National Park was rolling out my plans for Latino Conservation Week. My ideas were not only appreciated, but supported and embellished by the motivation of my Ranger counterpart, Yelitza Sepulveda. Together we have big plans for LCW and we are so excited about extending programming to Hispanic visitors. I have already spoken to so many visitors that are excited to hear we will have programs offered in Spanish during that week.
What is always a high point for me at this job is getting a chance to share my knowledge of the Park’s ecology and history with people that have perhaps been here several times, but because they don’t speak English, miss out on learning about what they are enjoying. I love having the resources to connect people to the Park, which I have been lucky enough to have in my backyard for most of my life. It’s something really special to be able to share that.
Last, but definitely not least, is the fact that I was ok’ed to run canoe programs in Spanish on Saturdays! This is a BIG deal because our Park does not rent canoes or kayaks. They are only used for Ranger led programs, so most visitors don’t get the chance to use them unless they come in an organized group. Having regular canoe trips allows visitors to experience at least some of the 95% water that is Biscayne National Park! Having myself guide in Spanish allows participants to learn as they go, and get the most out of these trips like an English speaker would.
Can’t wait to share more with you as the summer continues! Pictures to come!
From sunny South Florida,
Virginia Ansaldi
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