Third Week with Grand Canyon YCC Veg Crew

Hello everyone, The YCC Vegetation crew has been on a roll with removing invasive plants from restoration sites. So far, we have gotten rid of tens of thousands of jointed goatgrass plants, thousands of cheeseweed plants, pitseed goosefoot (Chenopodium berlandieri), and many other weeds. Last Friday, all of the YCC had the opportunity to go through Operational Leadership Training and to learn about the 1st Amendment. We also learned about various types of plants (native and invasive), and their scientific names. The crew has been working really well and working extremely hard lately, especially at the nursery. The nursery is their favorite area to work in, because we get to transplant all sorts of plants, decorate the field, mulch the specified polygons and trails, as well as water the plants. The Veg crew also started a project at the Grand Canyon High School. We are currently weeding specific polygons to get rid of invasive plants, and once we’re done with that we’ll plant native seeds and plants to make the area a pleasant garden. On our education day on June 23rd, YCC had the opportunity to learn about astronomy from astronomers volunteering for the Grand Canyon Star Party. We all got to view planets and stars with reflector/refracting telescopes, and learn the history of constellations. Everything has been going according to plan. Sebastian Quinn

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