Third Time’s a Charm

It’s the third week already! With National Get Outdoor’s Days, youth training, and getting oriented with new co-workers, I must say I really love my internship. Now finally spending time at the office, I am beginning to really understand the structure of the National Park Service and its divisions. This week, I had the pleasure of sitting in on multiple meetings both within my division and those with outside partners. These meetings included debriefings on events, wrap up celebrations to youth programs, and even a division meeting to welcome yet another intern who has joined our team! I enjoy coming in every morning, not only getting to speak to my supervisors or other fellow colleagues, but also learning more about funding, partnerships, chain of commands, or ongoing discussions within the Park Service about diversity, youth programming, or career opportunities.   IMG_3769 My week ended with yet again Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK). This time, a group of their high school students took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park for not only a camping trip but an opportunity to learn about the National Park Service and the variety of career opportunities available. Although this was for the students, I learned a great deal about on-site function of a park. Coming from the Washington D.C. area, I did not grow up around large national parks that have a huge tourist attraction. It was a great opportunity for me to see the array of careers on a national park in comparison to a regional office.   IMG_4087IMG_4142   In addition to exploring the part and its divisions, we also did some cool camping activities. Did I mention it was my first time camping? It was such a great first experience with an incredible group. From the elk, deer, and bear sighting, to incredible star gazing at night to the views from 12,000 feet above sea level. ELK is only one of the many youth groups the National Park Service works with –I hope to continue working closely with this organization and hopefully other more Latino oriented groups.  

From Colorado and loving it,



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