Thinking Bigger…

Hey all! It is good to be back as part of LHIP for summer 2017! This summer is a little different than the last two…I’m thinking bigger. What do I mean? I’m thinking about US, Latinos, and our contributions to our country. I am thinking about OUR impact, roles, and history. So, here I am in Lowell, MA working with my incredibly supportive and woke¬†National Park staff on ways we can encourage, empower, and represent Latinos not just in the Park, but also in the city. This summer we will be developing strategies to better reach out to Lowell’s Latinos and cultivate lasting relationships. The National Park Service is working to better represent and serve one of the countries largest demographics and be the cultural resource Latinos hope and need it to be. How are we doing this? We are reaching across borders and working with communities.We are connecting. We are building networks. ¬†Here at the Lowell National Historical Park we are saying let’s stand together, be more inclusive, and grow as a stronger National Park Service. From this Latina in Lowell to all of you, keep an eye out for all the outreach, engagement, events, and projects coming your way. United we stand in this country we call our home. Nothing but love, Daniela Sierra    

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