Thinking Ahead

We are planning great things here at San Antonio Missions! We have thought of ways to incorporate our Hispanic community in our social media posts. Seeing as how the missions were built by Spaniards, we hope to incorporate some of that language into our content. The harsh history of the missions should also not be erased, so we are careful in not sugar-coating the ugly truth.

I have also been meeting with local museums to see their insight on their social media strategies. I have been meeting so many new faces that have all greeted me and given me great advice! Seeing as how this pandemic has forced us into quarantine, we are finding ways to have the community feel involved in the missions without them leaving the comfort of their own home. I have received some direction in what steps I should take to ensure I have a job after graduation. I have also been involved in important meetings discussing collaboration plans with some museums and San Antonio Missions. 

For Latino Conservation Week, we aim to make a mini 3 video series of Mission San Juan, Mission San Jose, Mission Espada, and Rancho de las Cabras. I am excited for the outcome of these videos!

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