They Say it’s “WILD”!

What’s going on everyone! My name is Edgar Hernandez. This summer I will be the Interpretive and Outreach Intern representing the Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP) at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park in Skagway, Alaska.

I am from the Pico-Union neighborhood in the outskirts of Downtown, Los Angeles. Interesting facts about me: (1) I had a guinea pig for 8 years named squishy who I loved, (2) I played collegiate rugby, (3) I don’t know how to swim, (4) and I played the saxophone in a marching band. To be honest, growing up I did not know much about National Park Service (NPS) nor did I care. How could I care for something that I didn’t even know existed? I was more worried about not getting jumped on my way home and chasing the elotero (corn man). 

(Chasing dreams on small planes! Yikes) 

This was my third time applying to this program. Every rejection hurt and pushed me to do more (e.g., graduate degree and work experience), but here I am now in Alaska. My friends and I joke that it’s “wild” that I am in Alaska. It seems unreal to me still. It seems unreal to see how beautiful the world is beyond the limits of the city I grew up in. So, I am here to learn and inspire the community that we from the “hood” can make it too. I am excited to be mentored by NPS staff and use my research background to develop programs that are accessible to those who do not have the resources to experience the beauty of the world. Until then like my mom and dad say “echale ganas si puedes” (keep going, you can do it) will be model. Tune in next week everyone so I can tell you all about my first week of training and more awesome pictures!! 

(Kitchen views at its finest) 

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