The Zion Experience!

Over the course of this internship, I have had a blast! This was my first full-time job after college; it was new and challenging, yet fun and a good learning experience. The first week of my summer at Zion was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. It was awesome to get to see the behind the scenes parts of the park that only employees have access to. Because of my delayed arrival to Zion, I felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of information I was exposed to in the first week. Over time I got the hang of everything, however. After my first month, I fell into a steady schedule of research and practicing the education programs when I can. The team and community at Zion has been my favorite part overall. When I missed a few days due to illness, everyone was glad to have me back.

Working on Latino Conservation Week was a good experience overall. I feel like I learned a lot about all of the logistics of planning and hosting an event for an official government agency. It introduced me to a lot of rules and regulations that I did not know about. While there were a lot of logistical things to keep in mind, it was also very fun to plan fun activities for the junior rangers. The connections I made during the process were also great and I learned more about the Latino community in my hometown.

Being a part of the education division of Zion, I had to give education programs and pop-ups on a weekly basis. Because of the time off I had to take, I didn’t end up giving a program until the later part of my internship. The first time I gave the dinosaur discovery program was good at best, but I did forget a few things here and there. The audience members were kind and still enjoyed the program, however, which gave me confidence. I was excited to give the programs again and again.

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