The Voice Behind the Drawings

The most exciting aspect of this project is seeing the progress and process in its entirety. Back at school I along with my student cohort did numerous elevations, sections, and site plans drawings of houses, apartments, administrative buildings, mixed use, etc. There was no substance to those projects. They had an immediate and short-lived sense of gratification. However, not many can say that they worked on a National Landmark that holds over 100 years of rich history. With the work we are doing this summer, the Rio Vista Community can use our drawings to fill in the gaps. This will enable them to further build upon what is already in place.

What I have learned from this project/internship with the Historic American Building Survey, is that drawings transcend beyond the superficial aesthetic and create a space for meaningful conversations. What I truly love about this experience is that I am a part of spreading awareness and creating a space for an unrecognized group and community.

North Elevation
Short Section Cut
West Elevation
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