The times we live in

Greetings! In a previous post, I mentioned there was a shift in momentum regarding task work and others, right? Well, it certainly did, and if time was a car ride, it is flooring the gas pedal.

It feels that way because online classes have started, while I still have a week of work remaining. While I do research for Hopewell Furnace historical site, I keep up with classes on different platforms. Apparently depending on the professor’s knowledge about technology dictates what platform and methods they use for online teaching. That has proven to be more of a problem than anything else, students are going mad keeping up with classes, assignments, virtual meetings, and for me work tasks. That resulted in constantly looking for ways to better my time management skills, a whole lot… lol 

On another topic, collaborating with Hopewell Furnace historical site has been going well! This week I’m presenting some archaeological research I did on the indigenous people that lived on my island before colonization, the Tainos. This is geared towards a HOFU project, providing examples and ways to interpret some new exhibits that Hopewell Furnace is working on. I’ve also focused on providing translations, which now that I think about it has been my essential role throughout the summer. Its been a steady line of work so far, but, with the start of classes Its definitely going to amp things up. I’ll be ready though, Believe it!!


Photo credits: NPS

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