The sun belongs to everyone!

Since my position at Tonto National Monument is assistant solar technician, and as someone who is also new to this subject, I think it is very important to make science accessible.

For example, lets look at the word: Heliophysics

Its a large word that is unfamiliar, but it simply means the study of the sun in relation to the stars and planets in our solar system. It’s simple, but not approachable. Part of my internship project is to participate in the local first Friday event in Globe, Arizona.


Here many children and adults came up to see through the sun telescope and they were very interested in it! We also had an arts and crafts section, where they used the sun to imprint leaves and other materials. Here is my art sample:

It was very exciting to see people ask us questions and continue the conservation about this year and upcoming solar events. I want to make their interest accessible and that is what could happen if Tonto gets more resources to host a day-time program surrounding the sun telescope.

That is another thing that got me thinking. Since Tonto is a small park in a small town area, it is important to have plenty resources. Especially given the fact that it is also a national dark-sky park. The stars are amazing and people should have access to viewing and learning about them.

Ive always been interested in the concept of ownership in environmentalism. All in all, I hope to share my passion for the conservation of the environment through the concept of non-ownership. Everyone deserves to appreciate and learn about the environment without having to own it or alter it. The conversations can go on and on about the treatment and relationship with the environment. There are so many interesting conversations especially when it extends to many Indigenous communities having a different point of view regarding this relationship.

Regardless, I hope the outreach event possibly influenced some people to look into the sun on their own. All they need is resources to pursue their curiosity. With the staff manual being complete, I hope Tonto picks it up and pursues a program for the people!


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