The Road to Ojinaga

Yesterday I attended the Dos Rios – Desert Landscape Conservation Design meeting in Ojinaga, México-a two hour drive from the park. I was in attendance not to directly contribute in any way, but because the work the group is doing is parallel to my Binational Vital Signs project. The meeting two weeks ago that I coordinated between the National Park Service and CONANP was similar in goals to this one, but this involved many more stakeholders and did not go as smoothly as the last. I learned a lot about leadership, organization, and planning for effectiveness/efficiency at meetings. Not by example, but by contrast with my prior Boquillas meeting, which took shape quite well and saw good results. This meeting, on the other hand, faltered at the hands of disorganized structure, goals, but especially leadership. I won’t get into the details, but not much was produced except mild participant frustration. On the other hand, the drive from Big Bend to Ojinaga was the best time I’ve ever had on a road. The volcanic landscape and a road that takes you up, down, and around some of the most impressive vistas I’ve seen were a pleasure to have as company. On the way back I saw a car pulled over and when I realized they were checking out a sweet sunset I turned around to join them. Funny enough, the gazers were Acting Park Superintendent Tom and his wife–slim chance! The sunset view is pictured above. I could sit still for that! IMG_0773 Behold the large-format Master Plan of the park (from the 1940’s)!  

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