The Road that Lies Ahead

Hello everyone! My name is Aileen Palma. I am from Fort Collins, Colorado, and I am currently going into my fifth year at Colorado State University studying Conservation Biology. Although my major is more weighted on the science side of natural resources, my goal is to become an environmental educator (and hopefully an educator for the National Park Service). My job this summer will be in Grand Canyon National Park! I will be working with a local group of high schoolers in the Seeking Opportunities through Academic Recruitment, Youth Conservation Corps Program (SOAR YCC).  These high schoolers will be working all around the park, at various places like the visitor center, in interpretation, with Jr. Ranger programs, etc. My job is to supervisor them, ensure they are arriving to work on time, and be a resource for them if they have questions or if they need to talk about anything they are struggling with. I am very excited for this opportunity and I can’t wait to meet everyone! I am a little nervous about the drive there, since it is about 12 hours from where I live (plus I HATE driving), but I know I will love all of the sites and the different ecosystems along the way. There is more to come on my adventure to the Grand Canyon!

Not pictured: Me crying.

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