The Revolution Never Ends

Wow! I can’t believe my internship here at Cowpens and Kings Mountain is already over. The summer always goes by quick and I really wish I could have stayed at my internship just a few weeks longer. I will not forget all I have learned nor the skills developed while interning here. While here I felt I was in my element with regards to my passion of American history and I felt I was able to help teach and spread the word of our American history that is not known or forgotten about because history, especially American history, should never be forgotten. I learned how to interpret history, experience and live the job of what an interpretative park ranger does every day. I believe I developed leadership skills by taking the lead on my project by my helpful recordings of promoting both parks.  I have developed a deeper passion and appreciation for National Parks as a result of this fantastic internship opportunity.

I have enjoyed the history of my parks, specifically, what they both have to offer. I enjoyed the special events that went on at both parks. I felt I was inspired to research the Revolutionary War more based on what new information I learn than what I knew when I started. I even explored my own family history as well during this time period because of how fascinated and appreciative I have become. Also, during this internship I expanded my interest of National Parks and prefer battlefield National Parks or forts by visiting not just Cowpens and Kings Mountain this summer, but also the Ninety-Six Historic Site and Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park in Atlanta, GA. While in Atlanta I also visited the Atlanta History Center, which was amazing and I highly recommend to anyone who might be in the area to check it out. But when it comes to Revolutionary War history and you want to see battlefields where the Continentals and Patriots actually started winning the war for our independence, then come to South Carolina and check out Kings Mountain and Cowpens. To further your interest, travel to Ninety Six, Musgrove Mill, the Overmountain Victory Trail, and Blackstocks Plantation for even more historical information. There are so many Revolutionary War sites to see and learn about their significance and why they should not be forgotten.

History never ends and it should never be forgotten. The eras such as the southern campaign during the Revolutionary War should be well known and taught more in depth in our schools, especially because the southern campaign was the turning point and a defining moment for the Continentals and Patriots. Many people visit Civil War National Parks more, but it is the Revolutionary War that I feel deserves more attention because of how half the war, which occurred in the southern theater, is often not recognized or known by many people. My internship may be over, but all I experienced and learned will not be forgotten.  After I leave, I intend to continue to promote these parks and I hope to teach the history of the American Revolutionary War in a classroom or museum to students and the public.  My focus might be more on the southern campaign of the war because that is often overlooked in schools. I will make it my goal to make this history known and teach it to as many people as possible given the opportunity.

The picture above is of my last day at Cowpens showing the majestic beauty of the park and the history that lays there. I really will miss both Cowpens and Kings Mountain and hope to maybe one day to come back to both parks and visit them again. Thank you to all the park rangers and volunteers that made my internship an amazing one to experience.

This is my last blog regarding my internship. I hope you all enjoyed me sharing my internship experience here at Cowpens and Kings Mountain.  I hope I have peaked your interest and you will want to check out these parks one day soon. Thank you LHIP so much for this great opportunity and experience. It has been life changing.  Goodbye all!

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