“The Rest Is Still Unwritten”

What a summer! For almost three months, I’ve been engrossed in 18th and 19th century American pioneer history. And believe me: this journey has not been easy. At times finding multicultural trail goer stories seemed almost impossible. But, what helped me get through this journey is the same passion that led me on this journey: uncovering multicultural heroism. In a country where people of color have been disregarded for too long, I can’t help sharing a special connection to such a project. I am an Afro-Latina woman, and growing up I recall reading about a bold an beautiful America from an anglo perspective. And, while this perspective is valid it is usually the only perspective and narrative  adolescents will ever know. Yet other diverse voices, standpoints, and people are never unveiled. Well, I am here to do just that. And while my project covers over 25 notable Black, Hispanic, and American-Indian trail goers there remains MANY more stories to be told. AC_LHIPPoster

Here’s an in brief overview of my project (click to zoom for details) .

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