The Power of Team

As an athlete, I’ve participated on many teams. I get to see the power of human interactions on a daily basis in that realm of my life.  Interestingly, I haven’t been exposed to teamwork in the classroom or on a problem-solving level as I would like.  Being here in Denver at the Intermountain Regional Office has exposed me to the power of teamwork.  The issues that the park service addresses concerning communication, infrastructure, culture, and conservation are complex, and they absolutely require collaboration between specialists.  Seeing this at work within the office is a helpful reminder that humans are communal beings, and we truly thrive when we work together, laugh together, and face life together.

Next weekend, I will get to see large scale teamwork in action at the Get Outdoors Colorado event at Sloan’s Lake Park on Saturday.  The event brings the community together to enjoy outdoor activities and play at different stations put together by sponsors.  Many children who don’t have the opportunity to travel to remote areas on a regular basis will enjoy kayaking, rock climbing, fishing and a variety of other activities on that day. Many NPS workers step out of their normal duties to help with this event and even more volunteers get involved to run the activities smoothly. I am looking forward to helping!

Developing a sense of confidence in our individual abilities is important for getting out of bed each day, but the challenges and decisions that occur after that moment are best dealt with by many minds!

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