The One Where Sophia Goes to Boston: Introducing Me!

Taking a selfie with the National Park Service Bison in front of the historic Faneuil Hall in Boston

Howdy Everyone! Bienvenidos! My name is Sophia Grande and welcome to my blog. A little about me, I’m from the Washington, DC area (a.k.a the DMV) and I’m a first-generation college student at the University of Maryland studying communication and media studies. On most days you can find me on a really long nature walk listening to music, or nowadays, exploring Boston!

This summer, I will be the Digital Youth Engagement Design Intern for the National Parks of Boston on the Education Youth Volunteer Engagement team, also known as EYVE (pronounced like ivy). I will be working closely with youth from the city of Boston to reimagine the role of digital media and the importance of aligning with community needs and interests. My goal with this internship is to help the National Parks of Boston engage the community and youth through digital media to get more people out into the parks! I am currently stationed at the Boston National Historical Park in the Charlestown Navy Yard, surrounded by lots of water, boats, Dunkin’, and most importantly, history.

National Parks of Boston visitors center in Faneuil Hall

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and document my journey along the way. Join me in my adventure as I explore all that Boston and LHIP has to offer.

Signing off,

Sophia Grande

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